Blue Ocean Opportunities

Dive into the "Blue Ocean" at Nuremberg Airport!

At NUE, airlines can look forward to a market with a low level of competition that offers untapped potential in the business, leisure and incoming sectors for un- and underserved point-to-point routes and the opportunity to unlock enormous latent demand. Why jump into a dangerous "shark tank" - the red ocean - when the blue ocean offers interesting options on a route to profitable growth? 

Advantages of our Blue Ocean environment at NUE:

  • Profitable growth opportunities
  • Attractive unserved markets and destinations, such as LHR, MOW & DUB
  • Blue Ocean Bonus as a route incentive for unserved routes
  • Premium demand with "Global Players" like Siemens, adidas or Puma with significant travel volume located in the region
  • Premium incoming demand due to high frequency of international trade shows
  • Purchasing power of inhabitants in the catchment 10% above German average
  • No slot restrictions / 24h open

Catchment with great potential

4.2 million inhabitants live within a 90-minute driving distance to the airport.

The inhabitants show an especially high purchasing power of more then 10% above the German average. The average salary per employee in the region of Middle Franconia, which Nuremberg lies in, is 50,170€.

Around 45% of Nurembergs inhabitants have a migration background, resulting in significant VFR potential.

Home airport of global players

Nuremberg Airport is the gateway to the world for many globally operating companies. Adidas, Puma, GfK, SCHAEFFLER, Stabilo and LEONI are only a few of world class companies who have their headquarter within the airport's catchment area. Siemens, Bosch and MAN are also located within the region with large centers.

The GDP of the region amounts to 134 billion € (2016), just under the GDP of Hungary. Meanwhile, around 1,9 million people were employed within the region in 2015.

Nuremberg as a fair and congress destination

NürnbergMesse (fair) belongs to the Top 15 largest fair exhibitors. Annually, around 1.1 million people visit international fairs of NürnbergMesse, where around 27,000 exhibiting companies are present. Visitors and exhibitors profit of the quick underground link between airport and exhibition grounds. From terminal to exhibiton hall, the connection takes only 25 minutes.

The trade fair traffic volume allows to support routes and to generate demand off-seasonally as well.

Tourist magnet Nuremberg

Annually, 9.8 million travellers enjoy Nuremberg and its region. Next to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bamberg, Wuerzburg, Regensburg and Bayreuth, Nuremberg itself offers many attractions with regards to culture, history and leisure. Attractive destinations are the famous Christmas market, the Germanic National Museum as well as the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

Operational Benefits

At Nuremberg Airport there are no slot restrictions at all. On the contrary, "slot" is considered a foreign word. This means that planning at the airport is absolutely flexible and adjustable to own needs.

Only at NUE of all Southern German airports aircrafts can be utilised to the maximum by a 24h hours operation.

Turnaround time is regularly at 25 minutes, meaning that ground times can be reduced and flying times extended significantly. Walking times for both passengers and crews as well as taxiing times from the terminal to the runway are both very short: off-block to take-off takes 5 minutes at NUE.

Information material

Check out our Blue Ocean booklet for more detailed information.

Blue Ocean booklet


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World Routes Marketing Awards

Once more a great success for our aviation marketing team: the Airport Nürnberg was awarded once more with the World Routes Marketing Award in 2018, this time in the category of airports with a passenger number between 4 - 20 million passengers. The airport thereby was honored by the airline community itself.

World Routes 2018 Marketing Awards