Blue Ocean Chances for Airlines

Create and capture new demand and make competition nearly irrelevant - make use of opportunities in Nuremberg!

Why jump into a dangerous "shark tank" - the red ocean - when the blue ocean offers us interesting options on a route to profitable growth? At NUE, airlines can look forward to a largely competition-free market that offers a huge amount of untapped potential in the business, leisure and incoming sectors for attractive city pairs and unserved point-to-point routes.

So what are you waiting for? Start "swimming in the blue ocean" and we will show you the possibilities.

Why Blue Ocean?

There are several aspects of our blue ocean - for example the low level of competition on trunk routes. Or the uncontested market space and high potential on un- and underserved markets.

You gain potential for strong and profitable growth. And don‘t forget the great opportunities to unlock enormous latent demand.

Blue Ocean opportunities

  • Zero slots
  • 25 min: Fastest arriving and departing turnaround time
  • 24 h open
  • 120 national and international trade fairs and congresses in Nuremberg per year
  • Blue ocean destinations
  • 9 x Business Traveller Award winner
  • 11.4 % purchasing power of core catchment above German average
  • Home of global players


Check out our Blue Ocean booklet for more detailed information.

Blue Ocean Booklet

Blue Ocean Chance instead of bloody competition 

Business demand

The Home of global players

Important sites belonging to major multinationals such as Siemens, adidas and Playmobil bring the number of people employed in the metropolitan region up to 1.8 million in 90 minutes radius – and all this with an increase of 9 % over the past five years.

Who would have thought it? The per capita purchasing power in the core catchment of the airport is 11.4 % above the German average. This was recently reconfirmed by market research agency GfK!

The GDP and employment rate of the metropolitan region (4.1 million people) also score highly and the area is now a European leader. Nuremberg is obviously a market with potential for higher yields!

Incoming demand

Nuremberg is among the leading Trade Fair Locations in Europe

Nuremberg is one of the top ten in Europe – as a trade fair venue, Nuremberg offers international exhibitions with 1.4 million visitors from all over Europe and the globe in the year 2016. This guarantees additional traffic and supports your business, particularly in the first quarter, when demand is rather low. Nuremberg also has a lot to offer as a location for congresses and events.

Nuremberg as a perfect starting Place for Tourist Destinations

Operational Benefits

Zero slots? We don’t have any slot restrictions! On the contrary, in Nuremberg “slot” is essentially a foreign word. This makes flight planning more relaxed and gives you the flexibility you need to successfully develop new routes!

Ready for take-off?

We reduce ground time to the absolute minimum so that you can make your money in the air. Here, turnaround times of 25 min. are the rule and not the exception for narrow bodies!

We also offer short distances not only to our mutual customers, but also to your cockpit crews, e. g. from the runway to the terminal and vice versa. At NUE it takes only 5 minutes from off-block to airborne.


We present absolutely no restrictions – you can take-off and land at any time – day or night. This is another of Nuremberg’s major competitive advantages and a USP: only NUE provides this basis for limitless productivity and maximum A /C utilization in Southern Germany.

Routes Marketing Awards

Great success for our aviation marketing team. Every year, airlines are awarded prizes in three categories around the world. In the category of airports under 4 million passengers Nuremberg Airport received the covted Routes Marketing Award 2017.

World Routes 2017