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Cases often look very similar and can be easily mixed up, so please make sure that you really do take your own case. If necessary, compare the numbers on the baggage label on the case with the numbers on the check slip on your ticket.

If baggage items cannot be found on arrival or are damaged, please report this without delay.

Important information

Damage report and lost property

If your luggage has been damaged, you can file a damage report. Damage reports can only be submitted at the counter after your arrival in Nuremberg. Please also report lost and found items at the Lost and Found counter in the baggage reclaim area.

Baggage check by customs

If you are entering Germany from outside the European Economic Area, your luggage must be presented to customs before it can be forwarded to you. After landing at the airport, please leave keys for your luggage and customs documents, if available.

Report of lost baggage

If your suitcase does not arrive at Nuremberg Airport, you have various options for reporting the loss: Reporting it directly to the airline, on site at the Lost and Found counter or via our online form. Please use only one of these options and note that a lost report must always be submitted at your destination.

For example, if you are flying to Palma de Mallorca and your suitcase does not arrive there, the Lost and Found office at Palma Airport is responsible for you.

Report to the airline

The airlines listed here allow you to report missing baggage directly (online). After reporting, you will immediately receive a reference number for your complaint.

Report at the Lost & Found counter and online

In any case, you can report the loss of baggage after your arrival at the Lost & Found desk in baggage claim. You will receive the reference number of your claim directly from us.

If you have any questions, you can ask our staff on site.

Report of lost baggage online

If it is not possible for you to report the loss at the lost and found counter or directly to the airline, you can use our online form to report the loss of your baggage. The prerequisite for using the form is that your luggage has not arrived in Nuremberg. We will process your request as quickly as possible and subsequently send you the reference number of your loss report.

The airlines

  • Ryanair
  • Corendon Airlines
  • Corendon Airlines Europe

do not accept subsequent loss reports. It is mandatory to have the loss report prepared at the baggage tracing counter (Lost and Found) before leaving the airport. It is not possible to use the online form here.

In addition, enquiries regarding lost property, damage reports and loss reports for flights whose departure airport is Nuremberg cannot be processed by us via the online form. Only fill out the form if your luggage has not arrived on your trip to Nuremberg.

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Flight information

You received the baggage tag number at the check in. Usually it is on a small,rectangular sticker on your boarding pass/passport or travel documents and consists of 2 letters and 6 digits e.g.: ST 456789.

Baggage description

1. Bag

shape/type, e.g. backpack, travel bag, trolley or special luggage such as pram, tool box, sports luggage

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