Wi-Fi at the airport

There is wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) available in all terminal areas at Nuremberg Airport to stay in touch or plan your trip. Access via the providers "Boingo", "The Cloud" or "Telekom" and a charge is payable.

Instructions for using the free Wi-Fi / WLAN

Passengers and visitors can surf the Internet free anywhere in the terminal. Telekom provides the new free Wi-Fi / WLAN service for all passengers and visitors for 24 hours.

How to use the WiFi / WLAN service 

  • Activate Wi-Fi / WLAN on your device
  • Select the Wi-Fi-Network (SSID) "Telekom"
  • Open the browser and click the button "Go online"
  • Surf the internet 24h for free.

Telekom HotSpot Service