Unaccompanied Minors

Is your child travelling alone? No problem, as most airlines offer special services for young passengers!

How will your child be looked after during the flight?

Your child will be checked in for the relevant flight at the check-in desk and receives a bag to wear around the neck. This so-called UM bag contains the child's identity card, flight ticket, boarding card and the UM form.

Please enter the following information on this form:

  • Name and age of your child
  • Your name and address as the person accompanying the child to the airport
  • Name and address of the person waiting for the child at the destination airport

The large letters "UM" (= unaccompanied minor) on the bag indicate to the ground and flight staff throughout the world that your child is an unaccompanied minor. The minimum check-in time for unaccompanied children is the general minimum check-in time plus one hour. 

Before departure

Procedures differ according to the airlines.

Either a member of the airline's ground staff collects your child from the check-in counter and accompanies your child to the aircraft, or you yourself can accompany your child to the departure gate. To do so you have to ask for an admission at the check-in counter. Before departure, our ground staff at the gate will escort your child into the aircraft and hand it over to the cabin crew.

Parents or escort persons should wait at the airport until the aircraft has taken off.

On the aircraft

The aircraft has certain rows of seats reserved for unaccompanied children only, thus enabling the cabin crew to look after your child during the whole flight.

After landing

Our ground staff will be waiting for your child at the aircraft. They will hand over your child only to the person mentioned on the UM form.

Your child will be very well looked after throughout the journey!