Transit Passengers

Transit in Nuremberg

1. Arrival at Nuremberg Airport

After your aircraft has landed in Nuremberg and reached its parking position, you leave the aircraft either via a passenger bridge or you are taken to the terminal by bus. You are advised to check the departure gate and boarding time for your transit flight on your transit boarding card before landing in Nuremberg.

2. No boarding card for your transit flight?

In most cases, you receive the boarding card for your transit flight at the airport where you check in and hand in your hold baggage. If you are not in possession of a transit boarding card on landing in Nuremberg, please report to the signed transfer counter without delay as soon as you arrive in the terminal.

If you already have a transit boarding card, go straight to your departure gate. Please check on one of the many video monitors in the terminal to see whether your departure gate has possibly changed.

3. Your hold baggage

Your baggage is automatically loaded into the aircraft for your transit flight, i.e. you do not need to attend to this yourself in Nuremberg.

4. Transit flight to your destination airport

Your flight will be called as soon as the aircraft is ready for the transit flight. You should then go to the relevant departure gate without delay.

You can naturally contact our staff at the information counter in the departure lounge or at the departure gates at any time if you have questions about your transit flight.