Tax refund

If you are a permanent resident outside the EU, you can claim a tax refund on any value added tax paid on private purchases in Germany when leaving the country.

As a non-EU tourist you can save up to 12.6 %*!

* Average rounded off amount of refund after deduction of processing charges.

Here are the important steps to take

1. In the Shop

The customer has to indicate the seller that the goods are intended for exportation to a non-European country when buying the goods in Germany. The customer will then be issued with an exportation and customer certificate.

Many shops have handed over tax refund matters to the Tax Free Shopping Service or Global Refund. In such cases you will receive a "tax-free check" instead of the export certificate.

2. At the airport before departure

Immediately before your departure from the EU single market area, you have to present the exportation certificate or the tax-free check together with the purchased goods to the EU customs office, which marks the exported goods with the customs departure stamp. (You cannot obtain an EU customs stamp once you have left the EU single market area!).

The customs counter is located at the arrival hall.

3. Payment of value added tax refund

If the shop in which you made your purchases offers Tax Free Shopping Service, you can also have the value added tax refund paid to you directly at the airport on your departure. The "ReiseBank" at Check-in 2 provides this service at Nuremberg airport.

Otherwise the export certificate must be sent to the shop in which the exported goods were purchased. You will then get your money back by bank transfer.

Please do not check in at the airline counter until you have not completed the above steps.

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