Altstadt in Rothenburg

The medieval city of Rothenburg is part of Germany’s most picturesque cities. Situated 425m above sea level, between the famous “Romantic Road” and “Castle Road”, Rothenburg has earned the epithet “Franconian Jerusalem”.

Indeed, its splendid location and charming medieval atmosphere make Rothenburg a top travel destination. A walk through Rothenburg is an unforgettable encounter with bygone centuries and its imposing town hall building, stately towers, massive fortifications, churches and patrician houses witness the city’s rich imperial past.

There are five museums in Rothenburg worth visiting. The Imperial City Museum showing a wide selection of the city’s art work and the Craftsman’s House illustrating how ordinary people worked and lived in Rothenburg, are dedicated to the city’s cultural past.

The Crime Museum and the Historical Vaults, however, with its torture and execution instruments, prison cells and the alchemist’s laboratory of Doctor Libavius are illustrating the dark side of medieval times, especially the area around the Thirty Year’s War from 1618 to 1648.

Last but not least Rothenburg is renowned for its Doll and Toy Museum where more than 800 dolls, tiny doll houses and accessories of the past 200 years are exhibited. By the way, did you know that Rothenburg is the home town of world famous Christmas articles manufacturer Käthe Wohlfahrt?

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