Parking regulations (PBO) for stopping and parking areas 

Scope of application

The following contractual and parking conditions will apply respectively to the usage of the parking areas (parts I to III) mentioned in these usage regulations.

Part I: Restricted parking spaces/parking garages

§ 1 Payment obligation

The use of the restricted parking spaces / car parks is subject to a charge.

§ 2 Possibilities of concluding a contract

(1) Contracts as to the usage of parking lots/garages with barrier systems may be concluded alternatively in two different ways:

1. by entering the premises with your vehicle upon drawing a parking ticket;

2. by booking online.

(2) The possibilities of contract conclusion according to paragraph 1 do exist independently besides each other. An online booking does not prevent a contract conclusion by entering the parking space after drawing a ticket beforehand on the basis of the respective conditions. This means, if the user concludes a contract e. g. via online booking and does not enter the parking space with the printed code according to the online booking concept, but by entering upon drawing a ticket beforehand, an additional fee-based contract as to the usage of the parking space with barrier system will be concluded. A contract, which has been concluded by entering upon drawing a ticket, cannot be cancelled by reasoning that an online booking exists for exactly the same time period. Any cancellation of online bookings is only possible if the booked online tariff allows for it and only within the mentioned time frame.

§ 3 Maximum parking limit

The maximum parking limit is 90 days as long as no deviating maximum parking limit has been stipulated and signposted at the entrance of the respective parking lots/garages with barrier systems.

§ 4 Parking within marked parking areas only / contractual penalties / towing of vehicles

(1) The user is obliged to park his or her vehicle within marked parking areas. He or she must not use marked parking areas which are reserved by signposting for the usage by other users.

(2) In case the user parks his or her vehicle culpably in a way in which he or she would occupy more than one marked parking space, a contractual penalty amounting to 15.00 EUR will fall due immediately.

(3) In case the user parks his or her vehicle culpably beyond any marked parking space within a parking lot/garage with barrier system, a contractual penalty amounting to 30.00 EUR will fall due immediately.

(4) In case the user parks his or her car culpably in a marked parking space, which is explicitly reserved for another user by signposting, a contractual penalty amounting to 30.00 EUR will fall due immediately.

(5) In the cases mentioned in sub-clauses 2 to 4, FNSG is also entitled to tow the vehicle away at the expense of the user or to displace it so that it will be parked appropriately

§ 5 Disabled parking spots

The usage of overwide disabled parking spots designated as such within parking lots/garages with barrier systems is explicitly reserved to severely disabled persons with a respective handicapped parking permit. The entitlement for the usage of disabled parking has to be placed clearly visible behind the windshield.

Severely disabled persons with an extraordinary walking impediment (permit note: "aG"), drivers as accompanying person of blind persons (permit note: "BI") and helpless persons (permit note: "H"), who are able to make proof of it by presenting their disability card at the parking cashier's desk, will obtain a reduction of 50% on the regular parking tariff, which would fall due upon entry without prior booking. Reductions will not be granted on online bookings, economy tickets etc.

Section 1: Conditions applying to contract conclusion by entry upon drawing a parking ticket (§ 2 clause 1 sub-clause 1)

§ 6 Tariffs

In case of contract conclusion by entry upon drawing a parking ticket (§ 2 clause 1 sub-clause 1), the tariffs announced at the respective parking lot/garage by signposting will apply respectively (barrier tariffs)

§ 7 Maturity of remuneration/restriction period

(1) Remuneration has to be paid before leaving.

(2) The parking lot/garage with barrier system has to be left within 15 minutes after paying the fees.

(3) In any case, the fee will fall due for payment as soon as the maximum parking period will be reached.

§ 8 Parking ticket retention obligation

(1) The parking ticket drawn by the user during entry, will serve as a documentary proof regarding the entry time so that upon payment before leaving it can be verified for how long the parking lot/garage with barrier system has been used. Furthermore, it serves for exiting as an evidence that the remuneration was paid and the parking facility was left within the restriction period (§ 7 clause 2).

(2) Therefore, the user is obliged to keep the parking ticket until he or she will leave the parking facility.

§ 9 Compensation in case of lost parking tickets

(1) If the user is not able to verify the usage period of the parking lot/garage with barrier system due to a lost parking ticket he or she has to pay compensation amounting to 250.00 EUR.

(2) The user is entitled to make alternative proof of how long he or she has been using the parking lot/garage (e. g. by presenting travel documents) and that he or she owes a lower remuneration than the one mentioned in clause 1 on the basis of the respective barrier tariff.

(3) Equally, FNSG reserves the right to prove alternatively for how long the parking lot/garage with barrier system has been used and that a higher remuneration than the one mentioned in clause 1 will fall due by taking into account the respective barrier tariff.

Section 2: Conditions for contract conclusion in case of online bookings (§ 2 clause 1 sub-clause 2)

§ 10 Tariffs and conditions

In case of contract conclusion by online booking the respectively offered and accepted tariffs and conditions shown during the booking procedure will apply.

§ 11 Entry and exit

(1) Entry and exit will take place at the point of time stipulated in the booking.

(2) Entry will take place by scanning the QR-code resulting from the booking at the barrier system.

(3) Also exit will take place by scanning the QR-code resulting from the booking at the barrier system.

(4) In case of arising problems during this process, the parking service has to be informed via the call pushbutton. A parking ticket must by no means be drawn since this would lead to another contract conclusion according to the conditions laid down in Section 1 of part I (see § 2 clause 2).

Part II: Parking areas without barrier system and dropping-off zones

Terms and conditions for parking areas without barrier system and dropping-off zones

Upon the actual entry of a motor vehicle into the parking areas marked by blue markings, the user of the parking facility, hereinafter referred to as the user, acknowledges a contract with both FNSG and ParkRaum-Management PRM GmbH – hereinafter referred to as PRM.

§12 Conditions

(1) Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH is the manager of the parking area at Flughafenstr. 100 in 90411 Nuremberg.

(2) Parking control is carried out by ParkRaum-Management PRM GmbH.

(3) Upon entering the parking facility, the user is obliged to comply with the parking regulations specified on the signs. Maximum parking time, permissions, vehicle categories and/or purpose of use for the respective area are shown on the signs clearly.

(4) Parking is only allowed with a valid parking permission. With parking of the parking space, a lease agreement for a car parking space is concluded. The amount of the user fee depending on the duration of the parking is shown at the parking machine.

(5) The user fee is to be paid shortly after entering the parking area.

(6) Parkers with permissions will display them when parking behind the windscreen. Other users are obliged to provide proof of compliance with the parking regulations with a parking ticket or, where explicitly signposted parking areas so require, a parking disc visible behind the the windscreen of the vehicle.

(7) PRM has a right of retention for all claims arising from the use as well as a legal lien on the vehicle and its accessories. If the user is in default with the settlement of the claim of PRM, the latter may carry out the pledge at least 2 weeks after the warning has been issued.

(8) In case of use of the parking facility without payment of the user fee, in case of exceeding the paid parking time by more than 15 minutes, in case of parking in the reserved parking area without a corresponding authorisation or in case of other violations of the

parking conditions and traffic regulations are charged € 30. 00 for vehicles up to 3. 5 t (fee for a parking violation) and             € 65. 00 for vehicles over 3. 5 t (bus/truck).

(9) For each calendar day on which the violation of these terms and conditions continues, this constitutes a separate parking violation.

(10) For each parking violation, there may be additional costs of PRM in connection with enforcement.

(11) Vehicles with foreign license plates are not registered with german authorities and are therefore charged for parking violations plus parking charges. Administrative expenses of a total of 80,00 € blocked by a valve guard. After payment of the fee for a parking violation plus administrative effort, the valve lock is removed again.

(12) The parking of vehicles without liability insurance, without an official registration plate (§23 StVZO), without a valid official registration plate (e. g. TÜV), and with leaking fuel systems or other defects that endanger the operation of the parking facility or is inadmissible and will be removed for a fee.

(13) The parked vehicle must be carefully locked and secured in accordance with normal traffic conditions.

(14) When entering and leaving, the user must observe the necessary care in traffic, and this must be done on his own responsibility even if PRM staff assist them with information.

(15) This agreement shall also apply in relation to users with whom separate agreements exist, unless such separate agreements contain conflicting provisions.

(16) Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH and ParkRaum-Management PRM GmbH may collect personal data from users in the parking facility. Data is collected within the scope of the requirement to ensure the contractual operation of the parking facility (see “Data Protection Notice”). By entering the site, the user consents to the collection, storage and further processing of his data.

§13 Traffic regulations in the parking area

The traffic signs placed on the parking area must be observed. The owner of the parking area or his authorized persons exercise the property rights and their instructions must be obeyed. Driving in the parking area is allowed only at walking speed. The user may

choose a free parking space among the unreserved or rented parking spaces. Vehicles may only be parked within the marked or rented parking spaces. The user shall obey the PRM and FNSG personnel and use existing automatic traffic guidance, traffic and information signs and given guidelines. In all other respects, the regulations of the StVO apply accordingly.

§14 Removal of vehicles from the parking area

If the parking lot regulations are not observed, the parked vehicles can be removed by FNSG or PRM at expense and risk of the vehicle owner.

§15 Clearing and gritting service

FNSG undertakes to perform the clearing and gritting duty of the entrance and exit in an appropriate manner. In case of extreme slippery snow and ice, it is authorized to close this parking area.

§16 Liability and insurance conditions

FNSG and PRM are not liable for any damage caused to the parked vehicle by third parties or other users.

The liability of the FNSG and PRM is also excluded

(a) in case of theft of the parked vehicle,

(b) in case of damage caused by non-observance of the parking conditions and violation of traffic regulations,

(c) in case of damages caused directly or indirectly by force majeure, weather conditions, strike, looting or official orders.

Any complaints and claims for compensation must be notified to FNSG or PRM without culpable delay - if necessary as a precautionary measure - otherwise all claims shall be forfeited.

In the event of theft, fire damage or damage to property, the injured party must immediately file a report with the responsible police station.

The user is liable for all damage caused by him/her, his/her employees, agents or escorts to parked vehicles, the building or its furnishings. The user undertakes to report any damage to Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH immediately.

The parking space is deemed to have been properly handed over when the vehicle is parked. The use of the parking facility is at the user's own risk.

Guarding, monitoring, custody and the provision of insurance cover for the parked vehicle or any other activity that goes beyond the mere provision of space is not the subject of the contract. FNSG and PRM do not assume any duty of care.

§17 Opening hours

The parking area is open continuously.

§18 Final provisions

The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from the rental agreement relationship is Erlangen or Nuremberg.

If the user is an entrepreneur, the place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes, irrespective of the legal grounds, shall be the registered location of the headquarters of PRM, Erlangen, unless another place of jurisdiction is mandatory by law.

Note on data protection

(1) The vehicle license plates of the vehicles parked in the parking facility and, if applicable, the time, amount and method of rental payments are recorded electronically. The data collected shall be used for the operation of the parking facility or for the provision of the services specified in the terms and conditions for parking posted on site and shall be stored and processed exclusively for this purpose.

(2) Any violation of these terms and conditions will be documented pictorially and will result in the levying of the contractually defined fee for a parking violation. If payment is not made in due time, all fees required for the collection of the fee and, if applicable, for the assertion of ownership rights, in particular injunctive relief claims, will be requested from the federal motor vehicle authority and, if applicable, from the driver of the vehicle and stored, processed and, if necessary, also passed on to third parties exclusively for this purpose.

The legal basis for this is the contract concluded or the protection of PRM's ownership and property rights. The processing serves, among other things, to protect the justified interest of PRM in the proper operation of the parking areas. The data will be stored until the fee for a parking violation has been paid in full or until the legal conclusion of court proceedings or as long as a legally binding title or a declaration to cease and desist can be enforced.

(3) The parking facility may be permanently video-monitored to ensure proper operation. If this is the case, it will be explicitly indicated at the entrances. The recordings will be stored for 7 days and then automatically deleted. If it is necessary to preserve evidence, this data will be passed on to third parties (lawyers, police, court).

(4) All personal data collected will be stored and processed in accordance with applicable data protection law and deleted immediately after processing or, in the case of follow-up on violations, after expiration of the applicable retention periods.

(5) Users have the right to information, correction, restriction, deletion, and to object to the processing of the personal data collected. A consent to data processing can be revoked at any time. Every user has the right to complain to the supervisory authority. Inquiries/applications in this regard (with the exception of complaints to the supervisory authority) can be addressed to the

Parking Management to Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH, Flughafenstr. 100, 90411 Nuremberg at +49 911 937 00,, or directly to the data protection officer of Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH (contact details at

Parking Control to ParkRaum-Management PRM GmbH, Nägelsbachstraße 25b, 91052 Erlangen at +49 9131 82603 10,, or directly to the data protection officer of PRM GmbH (contact details at

Parking Management                                                                                                      Parking control service

Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH (FNSG)                                                             ParkRaum-Management PRM GmbH (PRM)

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The current parking regulations can be found at and posted on site at the entrance and vending machines.

Status 07/2021

Part III: General Provisions

§19 Liability

(1) Except for cases in which the description of the parking tariffs explicitly includes it, the surveillance and custody is not part of the services. Therefore, FNSG does not accept any duties of custody for the parked vehicles and is not obliged to check if the person leaving the parking area with a vehicle is entitled to use it.

(2) FNSG is only liable for damages which were culpably caused by FNSG, its organizations, employees or agents. Furthermore, liability of FNSG is excluded. FNSG is particularly not liable for damages caused by third parties, e. g. in case of damages or theft. Obvious damages have to be reported at the parking service desk before leaving the parking lot / the respective drop-off or parking area. This does not apply if such notification is objectively not possible or cannot be reasonably expected from the user.

§20 Application of the Airport User Manual

Besides these usage regulations, the Airport User Manual, which is accessible via this link:, will apply as well while using the parking areas. In any case, the user is obliged to follow instructions by staff and to adhere to the signposting.

§21 Prohibition of miscellaneous and advertising usage of the drop-off and parking areas, parking garages and parking lots

(1) Miscellaneous usage of drop-off and parking areas / parking lots besides parking vehicles is not permitted unless an explicit written agreement as to miscellaneous usage has been concluded.

(2) It is explicitly not permitted to conduct advertising measures of any kind in the parking areas beyond the writing on car bodies or car windows of parked vehicles unless FNSG or Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH have given their explicit consent in writing and against remuneration, as the case may be. Parking cars with special promotional bodies is not permitted.

(3) Furthermore, it is explicitly not permitted to:

store operating materials and flammable goods as well as empty operating material containers, even not within vehicles;

  • consume alcohol and drugs;
  • run motors unnecessarily;
  • park vehicles lacking operating materials;
  • park vehicles without valid motor vehicle license;
  • stay in the parking area apart from parking a vehicle, particularly camping;
  • repair or service vehicles in the sense of maintenance (except for breakdown service);
  • spoil parking areas, particularly by washing the car, draining cooling water, operating material or oil;
  • walk on car tracks including entrance and exit, unless there are no pedestrian paths or side strips;
  • smoke and use fire;
  • ride bikes, mopeds, inline skates, skate boards and other vehicles or devices as well as parking them in the parking area;
  • using the drop-off and parking areas, parking garages and parking lots with trailers.

§22 Consumer dispute settlement according to § 36 VSBG (Consumer dispute settlement Law)

Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH is neither obliged to take part in an extra-judicial settlement procedure nor voluntarily prepared to do so.

Parking Management Parking control service

Flughafen Nürnberg Service GmbH (FNSG)                                                                 ParkRaum-Management PRM GmbH (PRM)

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The current parking regulations can be found at and posted on site at the entrance and vending machines.

Status 07/2021