airberlin’s Winter Holiday Hub to Remain at Airport Nürnberg

airberlin’s winter holiday hub, which has been located at Airport Nürnberg for 14 years, will stay there until the winter season of 2014/15. This is what the managing directors of airberlin and Airport Nürnberg have agreed on, substantiating their intention by drawing up a new contractual agreement.

Chairman of the Board and Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann and Deputy Chairman of the Board and Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly called the agreement good news for the entire metropolitan region of Nuremberg. `We are happy that the negotiations with airberlin have been successful. Our commitment has paid off. Airport Nürnberg will remain airberlin’s holiday hub. The entire metropolitan region will benefit from this.´

With roughly one million passengers per year the hub, which is serviced by several German airports providing feeder flights and acts as a starting point for intermediate-range flights throughout the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, contributes significantly to traffic volume at Airport Nürnberg. Over the years the hub has grown and the team at Airport Nürnberg has become `a guarantee for excellently coordinated processes,´ the airport’s Managing Director Karl-Heinz Krüger says.

In their negotiations regarding the hub’s future, both sides agreed on a continued partnership and set their accord out in writing. Paul Gregorowitsch, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) airberlin, continues to see the holiday hub at Nuremberg: `Our new agreement guarantees planning dependability to all partners until 2014/15.´

Dr. Markus Söder, Finance Minister and Member of the Board of Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH, also welcomes the fact that there will be planning dependability with airberlin now: `It’s a good signal that airberlin stands by its Nuremberg site.´ Moreover, he said, an expert’s opinion would be sought to determine development possibilities in order to further strengthen Airport Nürnberg. This was agreed at the airport conference held in February which Mr. Söder had initiated.

After bad news in the past Airport Nürnberg’s Managing Director Karl-Heinz Krüger now sees the airport back on a positive track: `I’m very glad about the agreement with airberin. For us, this is an important step towards reaching our aims and maintaining a broad offer for the people living in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.´

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