Cargo Handling

Promptness, flexibility and absolute reliability are the strength of our air freight handling. The Airport Nürnberg is opened 24 hours.

The opening hours of Nuremberg Airport are 24 hrs. Flights can be operated in a very flexible way at any point of time during the day or the night due to available slot resources and the “bonus list”. We offer tailor-made solutions for your company and work for you seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Our competence in the field of cargo handling is emphasized by the high satisfaction of the integrators DHL and TNT, who operate regular flights to NUE. Furthermore, the express service providers TNT and UPS conducted audits as to the aircraft handling, which were excellently evaluated. With us you can simply take off any time.

More space for more flexibility

Since the opening of Cargo Center I in 1987 and Cargo Center II in autumn of the year 2003, which was designed according to the latest standards, there are approximately 14,000 square meters storage space and 7,000 square meters office space available.


Cargo Service Handling

  • Import / export customs (computer-based)
  • cargo documents
  • warehouse facilities
  • loading of dangerous goods/HUM/radio-active goods on trucks and into containers
  • TACT-accounting
  • safety (vacuum chamber, x-ray)
  • pallet build-up station / pallet and container shelves

Cargo Service Sales

  • processing cargo handling requests, calculation of charges and solutions
  • contracts for cargo handling
  • compilation of cargo offers for cargo charters
  • individual assistance and liaise with the right partner if necessary
  • marketing of the offered services and capacities
  • charter operations: highly flexible operations planning and professional loading of the freight
  • service-orientated and cooperative customs twenty-four-seven


Nuremberg Airport – the region Northern Bavaria

Back in the 90’s Nuremberg Airport attained supra-regional importance as to air freight and was able to develop its position on the national scale and to maintain the same until today successfully.

This positive development results particularly from the unique central locality within Europe. Excellent traffic connections and the favourable proximity to the more and more important economic regions in South and Eastern Europe offer ideal preconditions for cross-border commodity flow to future markets round the world.

Innovative accents for the further increase on a local basis are created with the continuing improvement of the infrastructure. This is proven by the new building of Cargo Center II, which was opened in September 2003 and was constructed due to the necessities of the local cargo carriers. Today this building is used almost to its full capacity.

Traffic meets in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the economic and service centre of Northern Bavaria. Five million people live and work in the surrounding regions of Nuremberg.

Companies and enterprises of this region take advantage from the locality of Nuremberg as a traffic junction of highways and railroad. Nuremberg Airport has an important function with its approximately 4 million passengers per year. High scores in passenger assessments could be attained throughout the past years due to good traffic connections, the efficient service and short distances.

The economic structure of the region is marked by technologically efficient industrial plants with a remarkably high export share (more than 40 %).

The dominant industry branches are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, medical engineering and drive engineering. The surrounding region of Nuremberg is one of the leading locations in Germany for those fields. Nuremberg is among the top ten trade show locations in Europe. The service sector shows above-average growth rates.

Another advantageous factor is the port, which is the most modern commodity traffic centre in the South of Germany with different consignment possibilities and excellent traffic connections to the cargo centre.

Seen from above

  • Geographic locality 49°29’59’’N, 11°04’45’’E

  • Height above sea level 1,045 ft
  • Length of runway 2,700 m, width 45 m
  • Bearing capacity all aircraft types
  • All-weather flight operations landing direction 28 CAT IIIb
  • Main apron 190,000 square metres with 44 parking positions up to B757F and AN124


By lorry

Whether north, east, south or west, Nuremberg Airport is located in the middle of a highway intersection.

You can reach the Cargo Center at Nuremberg Airport quickly and conveniently via the A3 Frankfurt-Nuremberg freeway.

Note for navigation systems

If your navigation system is equipped with the POI "Airport Nuremberg" so please indicate the following address:

Zip Code: 90411

Location: Nuremberg

Address: Flughafenstraße