Due to its Roman past, Bamberg is often called the “Franconian Rome”. And it is indeed worth visiting. The old Episcopal and imperial city of Bamberg which was designated UNESCO World Heritage in 1994, is famous for its rich cultural past. 

Bamberg Cathedral with its sculpture of a medieval knight on horseback the “Bamberger Reiter”, the old city hall situated in the middle of the river Regnitz and the old fishermen’s houses also known as “Little Venice” shouldn’t be left out on your sightseeing trip.

Bamberg’s renowned university and its famous Symphony Orchestra give an additional testimony of the city’s cultural life. Besides, it was the hometown of the German writer E.T.A. Hoffmann.

But Bamberg isn’t only famous for its cultural past, but also for its festivals and markets. The Honey Market in February, the Medieval Market in May, or the Franconian Wine Festival in June and the Brewery Nostalgia Festival in July are only four of them to mention.

Every August, the old town of Bamberg is transforming into one big party area, when “Sandkirchweih”, its largest and most popular street festival is celebrated five days long.

There is another thing Bamberg is famous for: beer! It is considered the fifth element besides earth, water, wind and fire and its brewing tradition dates back to almost 900 years when beer was first brewed in monasteries.

So why don’t you enjoy some fresh beer and a good franconian meal in the nostalgic beer cellars and beer gardens in the old town?

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