Baggage Trolleys

The baggage carts at Nuremberg Airport are equipped with a deposit system that accepts the most common coins carried by passengers: Whether a euro, 50 cents, 25 US cents, a Swiss franc or a coin chip – incoming and outgoing passengers will almost always have a suitable coin available. If not, there is a change machine in the baggage claim area to the left of the customs checkpoint.

The baggage carts can be found at all key points in the terminal and car parks. Four cart depots have been set up in the baggage claim area, one in the arrival terminal, one in departure terminal 1, two in departure terminal 2 and others in the car parks and the hire car center.

The deposit system simplifies baggage cart logistics and setting up the depots offers clearer guidance for customers. For this purpose, 330 new baggage carts with the deposit system have been purchased and the existing carts have been retrofitted with the system.

Altogether 650 baggage carts are now available for travellers