Baggage Storage

Luggage lockers are available in front of our centrally located parking garage P1. You are welcome to occupy a locker in our modern facility with simple operation for a fee. 

How it works

1. place your luggage in an empty compartment

2. carefully close the door of the luggage compartment

3. now take a look at the screen at the central payment station

4. pay the price for the first 24 hours with coins (exchange of money possible at the service counter in P1) and then withdraw your QR ticket from the vending machine

5. hold your QR-Ticket in front of the reader of the central payment station when you pick up your QR-Ticket

6. either your baggage compartment opens automatically or the amount to be paid in arrears is displayed

7. take out your luggage

Note: In case of loss of the QR ticket, an extra charge of 10 Euro will be charged.


Size (width x height x depth in mm)24 hours 24 hours more
S (351 x 457 x 555)3,- €3,- €
M (351 x 620 x 555)5,- €5,- €
L (525 x 945 x 555)7,- €7,- €