1990 - 2005

Part 3 of the series "50 Years of Nuremberg Airport"

In this series of articles, the Airport Report presents highlights from the history of the development of Nuremberg Airport. Now read the third part: the 90s to 2005.

On 3 June 1989 work commences on the biggest ever building construction site at Nuremberg Airport: the west terminal at a cost of about 50 million euros. The big day is on 1 May 1992, when a happy opening party gets under way with many thousands of visitors.

In winter 97/98 the Air Berlin hub commences regular operation for the first time: Holidaymakers from all over Germany fly to Nuremberg, are diverted to the relevant aircraft for their final destinations and then take off for the sun. The Nuremberg hub is now the biggest hub of Germany’s second largest airline.

1997 sees the start of the extension of subway line 2 to the airport with the laying of the foundation stone and driving the first pile for the underground tunnel.

In 1999 the first airport passengers pass through the new tunnel below the fields of the “Knoblauchsland”.

In 2001 Nuremberg Airport gets a new specialist department: The Environment Department takes care of all environmental matters such as the renaturalization of the Bucher Landgraben, a stream on the airport site, and has a sympathetic ear for inquiries from the public.

In 2002 the staff of Nuremberg Airport can be delighted about a number of distinctions, including one for the airport with the best service. Nuremberg was also one of the strongest-growing airports and maintains its position in the Top 10 German international airports.

Thanks to the new fully automatic baggage sorting system, Nuremberg Airport has been a nationwide security pioneer in terms of inspecting and sorting baggage since 2003. Cargo Center 2 opened the same year: Some 66,000 tons of air cargo are now handled every year.

The Air Berlin hub is extended again starting 2004: Hapag Lloyd now also profits from the smooth operation of the Nuremberg hub.